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Dear Parishioners,

We just successfully hosted the MSC APIA (Asia Pacific Islands and Australasia) Mass and dinner on the 17 September 2018. I was congratulated by various groups, MSCs, parishioners and guests for this successful event. Most of them said: “Well done Alo”. I was feeling good for a few days. Reading this weekend‘s Gospel, I felt something different within me. The good feeling turned to a kind of embarrassment, since knowing that all the works were done by various people not just “me”. The disciples of Jesus argued about who is the greatest among them. Jesus came up with a very clear answer to that matter. He said: “If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all”.

Looking back at the recent event I mentioned above, I would like to say that those best wishes shouldn’t be addressed to me, instead to those who have been at service for the event. They are the greatest for being servants for others and making the event a successful one. Therefore, I sincerely thank those who have been planning, preparing, contributing and working tirelessly for that event. They are Liturgy Committee (Lena and friends), Mission and Outreach Committee (Jan Nicholas and friends), Building and Maintenance Committee (Claude Khoury, Stephen Chiew and friends), donors like Niji Restaurant and personal donors who have donated money, drinks and food. Those who gave their time to decorate the church and the hall like Sr Carmel OLSH. Those who were part of the liturgy such as John Allen (Smoking Ceremony), Henry Martin from OLR Primary School, OLSH College Choir, Patricia Reyes, Lily Murcutt, Moon Dunlop, Ricardo Sanchez and Jane Marmotta, Indonesian Community Angklung Choir, Amanda Janturi and the young Indonesian liturgical dancers, John, Susana and granddaughter (Tongan Family), Maria who worked behind the scenes and all others who helped.

You are all great among us. I sincerely and humbly thank you for your dedication and commitment to the life of the parish. Well done. Good on you.

St Canice’s Kitchen

Twice a year, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Kensington helps in the roster to prepare and serve free meals at St Canice’s Kitchen in Kings Cross. This roster is filled up by other groups across all of Sydney working different days so that those who need this service are able to access it free.

Our team of around 10 people reserve one Sunday in around July and another Sunday in November to cook and serve snags, mash and veggies to anyone that comes into the Kitchen. We wish to extend the opportunity for more members of the OLR community to do the same. Having done this for many years, the members will attest how much this service has given them more than they give to the service. Twice a year for around 4 hours each roster is all the service asks from you. Notices for the schedules are sent months ahead to allow people to squeeze this in their hectic calendars.

So if you wish to experience the bliss of doing something good and something different, contact Dennis Fenech, Coordinator, St Canice’s Kitchen, OLR Kensington on 0400 810 400.

In this case, it is not true that too many cooks spoil the broth!

Hope to welcome you to the team for the next roster in November.

OLR School News – Religious Education in Year 3B

Year 3 students are preparing to receive the sacrament of Eucharist for the first time, and are building their knowledge and understanding of the four mains parts of the Mass and Jesus’ presence throughout it. In particular, they are developing their understanding of the celebration of the Eucharist and the Mass as central to the life of the community.

The students are learning to remember and make present the saving act of God in Christ and give thanks and praise. In sharing the Eucharist they become one body in Christ. As this is a very special time for the children, we ask the parish community to keep all the children making their First Eucharist in their prayers.

The Epiphany Pilgrimage: The Journey of the Magi

Are you looking for a different way to start the 2019 new year? Maybe to meet some new people, get fit and conclude the Christmas season on a spiritual high? The Epiphany Pilgrimage is a not-for-profit, 7 day, 110 km Catholic pilgrimage through the Blue Mountains which coincides with the Feast of the Epiphany in early January. The pilgrimage begins at Our Lady of the Way Parish in Emu Plains on 2 January, 2019 and finishes at the Chapel of the Magi in Bell on 8 January, 2019. Throughout the journey pilgrims walk through the beautiful Blue Mountains bushland, engage in daily Mass, prayer and reflection and enjoy the fellowship and hospitality of the Blue Mountains parishes. For further information and to register see or for general information and current news see

J o u r n e y i n f a i t h. E n c o u n t e r t h e C h r i s t – C h i l d. L i v e f o r H i m.

Yearning for Peace

Bookings for the tour to South India “Yearning for Peace” are due to close shortly. If interested, please contact Marie as soon as possible. The highlight of this tour is a five night’s retreat led by Fr Joe Pereira that includes daily mass, meditation and yoga. For further information, please contact: Marie Fonseca: 0418 265 117. Email: | Website: Andre Rasquinha: 0403 569 079 Email:

World Rosary

Countries around the world are joining to hold Rosary Rallies across the world on 7th October, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Together we are calling upon God, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary. Each nation has been asked to pray for its own intentions on the day. To sign up for the email feed to To Register in Australia: