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Sunday : 9.30 AM (Family), 6.00 PM

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Thursday : 6.00 PM
Friday : 9.00 AM

Indonesian Mass
Sunday : 3.30 PM

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Every Third Sunday 11.00 AM

Monday 9.30 AM or by appointment

Thursdays during Lent at 5:30 PM, followed by Mass 6pm

First Sunday - 11am, bookings required

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In the regions where Jesus was an itinerant preacher, three or four flocks could be kept in a communal sheepfold for safety. In the morning, the shepherds would come and, as each called out; the sheep attuned to the sound of his voice would follow to life-giving pasture.

We are surrounded by hundreds of voices clamouring for our attention. We are bombarded by messages, social media incessantly chattering. Jesus invites us to get attuned to his voice, listening for the distinctive sound of it so that, even if it is faintly heard in a cacophony, we immediately turn toward it so that we can follow it in a life-giving direction.

How do we get attuned to that voice? By reading the gospels. A Chinese student once told me that the Chinese character for gospel is ‘happy sounds’. I like the plural. Jesus’ gospel voice is not a monotone but a polyphony sounding in different ways in different situations.

As disciples, we have to get onto the same wavelength as that voice so that we can echo it in our own lives. We become reverberations of Christ’s voice in many different situations, helping him to lead others to life-giving pastures.

We could take a moment to pray for better listening so that we might recognise the gospel voice of Jesus Christ, especially at the moment of death. Then we may hear the one voice we need and long for: ‘Today you will be with me in paradise.’

© Fr Michael Tate

Kids Church

Please note there will be no Kids Church on Sunday 22nd April due to our Catechists being on holidays. We will resume as normal on Sunday 29th April. Thank you for your understanding.

Healing Mass & Morning Tea

A Healing Mass, followed by morning tea, will be held at OLR Church on Thursday 26th April at 10:30am. There will be a sit down Morning Tea in the Foyer of the Church after the Mass.

If you can help with transport to and from Mass please contact Jan on 0407 218 072.

Mother’s Day Video

This year we would like to celebrate Mother’s Day by creating a short video using photographs of the mothers and grandmothers in our parish. This video will be played during the reflection time at all three masses on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May.

If you would like to be a part of the video, simply take a photo – it may be of yourself or you might include your children, mother or grandmother. Then email your photo to or send a message to 0411 169 528.

To ensure that you are included in the video, please send your photo by Monday 7th of May.

If you are unable to take a photo, see Jane Marmotta or Lena and they will gladly take a photo of you.

Can you please help?

There will be another Mass following the one you attend. Can you take time to:

• place hymn books in the holders at the end of each pew (two books at either end)

• take the parish bulletin with you, or return it to the foyer of the church

• place the laminated mass sheets in the containers at either entrance to the church

• check that you have taken all your possessions with you.

Your co-operation is appreciated and will ensure our Church is tidy and ready for other masses, funerals etc

The Journey Catholic Radio Program – 29 April 2018

Just a reminder that all Journey Catholic Radio information is always a week in advance.

Next week on the Journey Catholic Radio, our Gospel reflection about the ‘Vines and the Branches” is spoken to us by Fr Steven Varney. The Catholic Guy, Bruce Downes questions us about The Wrong Map, and Marilyn Rodrigues encourages us to Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry. The music is the thread that helps us connect our show to you, and with this, we create a show about faith, hope, love and life. Go to or where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.