Dear Parishioners,

Our Parish Renewal Gathering which was held last month was well attended. Over thirty people were present. It was a great opportunity for discernment and to reflecting on who we are and what we have done as a community. The outcomes of this renewal gathering will in time find fruition in the various parish core groups and ministries.

Last week we also had our working bee. I was very pleased by the large number of people that came to lend a hand. I would like to thank them personally. They are: Allan White, Jan Nicholas, John Allen, John Ryan, Jock Marmotta, Jane Marmotta, Robyn Kildea, Byron Pirola, Francine Pirola, Joseph Rizal, William Rizal, Robert Fleming, Peter Bennet, Sheila McAndrew, Agus Alimhamzah, Dewi Suryani, and Cathy Shiner.

I felt with both events a real communion within our parish. Once again thanks for that.

I am sure that many would have liked to come the gathering, as well as the working bee, but for various reasons were not able to.

This week, I would like also to wish Fr Kimi and those who are going to Rome on pilgrimage: Bon Voyage. Enjoy your spiritual journey.

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