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Adult Education/成人教育
麦康老师有十五年丰富的教学经验,曾经居住在中国专门教中国学生学习英文。在中国期间他还同时做过十年的雅思考官。现在退休回到澳洲,住在悉尼的东海岸 (Sacred Heart Monastery, 1 Roma Avenue, Kensington),闲暇时间他想把自己在中国的教学经验也带回到澳洲。他能成功帮助你全面提高雅思成绩,给你创造更多用英文交流的经验,进一步提高你的英文交流水平,帮你创造更多工作和学习机会。 一对一每小时$30, 如有意请联系拨打他的电话:0410 866 043.

Brother Greg McCann msc has been teaching English overseas for fifteen (15) years. He is now retired and is available to teach English from beginner’s level to advanced level. His wide experience as an IELTS examiner also allows him to teach IELTS here in the Eastern suburbs to help people improve their IELTS score and to enhance their opportunities for employment and/ or further study. He can also help with preparation for the PTE test. Costs begin at $30/hour for individual tuition. He may be contacted on :- (Mobile phone) 0410866043 or at Sacred Heart Monastery, 1 Roma Ave., Kensington.

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