Youth Meeting

Friday 2nd March 2018 at 7.30pm in the Rosary Room. Contact Br Khoi for further details.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival

ACYF was a great opportunity for us to deepen and strengthen our connection with God and others. It proposes engaging activities for the youth to keep our Catholic Faith alive. At ACYF the atmosphere was uplifting with so many passionate young people gathered as one. We were able to find what we love about the Catholic community and to get involved in Catholic envangelisation. Speakers such as Archbishop Maelona, Emily Wilson and Matt Maher were such an inspiration and made us realise the things we take for granted. The atmosphere during Adoration was good for our soul and a relaxing way to develop our faith. At ACYF we also had the opportunity to give back by packing bags for Vinnies Night Patrol. When we were packing the bags at the back of our minds we knew that we were making a difference – having been inspired by Steve Agrisano’s song ‘Go Make a Difference.’ We highly recommend those who are interested in attending ACYF to come to the next one in 2019! Michelle, Nadine and Jazel.