Kids Church Request

We are delighted that over the past 12 months, the number of children that join Kids Church on a Sunday morning has grown significantly. Unfortunately, as many of us have experienced, the Rosary Room where we take the children is not the largest of spaces, and it is becoming difficult to accommodate all the children and parents who attend. Our priority is the safety of the children and we need to make some adjustments to the format of the room during the sessions each week. Can we please ask that any parent’s attending with their children please try to sit at the back of the room and encourage your children to keep to the front. We also need to keep the doorway as clear as possible for those who are arriving late and in the case of an emergency. In the coming weeks, we may need to ask parents to move to the back or to step away from the doorway and we really appreciate your understanding while we get used to the new format.

Posted in Parish News.