Music & Liturgy

Co-ordinator: vacant

The Music Ministry at Our Lady of the Rosary, Kensington.

It has been said that “Music is the language of the soul” and that “When you sing you pray twice”. We are very fortunate to have live music at all three of our masses on the weekend.

Musicians and singers are welcome to join us. Musicians must be prepared to come early (at least an half an hour before the mass) to practise together the hymns to be played that day.

Singers do not need an opera-trained voice, but must be able to sing in tune and want to sing happily and enthusiastically to lead the congregation in proclaiming the glory of God. For the 9.30am Mass all members of the music group are emailed a day or two early the list of hymns to be sung on the Sunday.

For the special ceremonies of Easter singers are required to attend extra practice one night a week for at least four weeks before Easter.

Current Musicians:Frank Reid, Paul Stinson, Cathy Shiner, Nico-Karina & Friends, Bel Cantare Choir, Silver Belt Choir etc

Becoming a Catholic - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Co-ordinator: Dewi Suryani – 0403 115 940

For any friends or family members who wish to become Catholics, the Parish runs a program called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). This program aims to prepare participants for the reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at Easter each year.

The program covers all aspects of becoming a Catholic.

Meetings are held for one hour every week at a time that is convenient for participants.
Participants are expected to prepare for each lesson by reading a chapter of a book and to participate in discussions at the meeting.

It is very good if the candidates have the personal support of Parishioners who can act as Sponsors and Godparents.

Anyone interested in participating in any way, please contact Father Alo at the Parish Office.


Co-ordinator: Francine Pirola
Contact details: 0433 451 433

At OLR we pride ourselves on being a family friendly parish and are delighted to provide a number of resources to assist families in their Sunday worship.

KidsChurch is provided by volunteer parishioners for children attending the Sunday morning Mass. Children leave the church after the blessing and return for the Offertory. It is not a babysitting service – the children follow a programme that reflects the Sunday readings and allows them to enter more deeply into the Gospel message. Parents are always welcome to attend KidsChurch and assist the catechists.

Children should join the group before it leaves the Church so that the catechists can supervise their safe transfer to the KidsChurch room under the Church. Late-comers are welcome but parents are responsible for seeing that their child arrives safely.

KidsChurch is suitable for children aged 4-10. Preschoolers should be accompanied by an adult or a responsible sibling until they are settled. Parents should not leave hyperactive or distressed children, as catechists cannot provide individual care – they have up to 25 other children to supervise and teach.

Toys are provided in the foyer of the church for children under 4 and children should be supervised by their parents at all times.

Big KidsChurch

Co-ordinator: Ana Corpuz

Big Kids Church started 13 years ago in mid- 2001. It is a group for kids who are at least 10 years old or have received their First Holy Communion. Membership number is from 10-20 kids at a time and is an ever changing list of names as kids move on to other things, usually when they get to the age of 14-15.

The group leads the 4th Sunday 9:30am Mass as well as the Christmas Day and Easter Sunday morning Masses. Members are assigned to do the Liturgy readings, sing with the choir, lead the prayers and sometimes help with dramatising the Gospel. Some of the kids also play musical instruments like the violin, cello, keyboard and flute.

The participation of these kids helps them develop confidence, public reading skills, civic consciousness and above all, a sense of belonging in a church that is vibrant, diverse, and filled with the Spirit.

State School Catechists

Co-ordinator: Toni McGuinness
Contact Details: 0408 166 221

OLR parish also supports the faith education of Catholic children who attend Kensington Public School. We encourage anyone who is interested in working with children on their faith development, to take up the challenge and become a part of this worthwhile and rewarding ministry.

The CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) provides a variety of support for volunteer catechists. Catechists are encouraged to attend complimentary accreditation courses which equip them with the necessary information and skills to deliver the COLAL (Christ Our Light And Life) program to the Catholic children who attend SRE (Special Religious Education) classes in public schools.

The COLAL program resources consist of a Teacher’s Manual and Student Workbooks for each individual stage. The Teacher’s Manual is comprehensive and user friendly and children are provided with a Student Workbook according to their particular class/stage. OLR parish provides all of these resources.

Any Catholic interested in becoming a catechist is more than welcome to attend a class. Classes are held on a Wednesday afternoon, either 1:45-2:15pm or 2:15-2:45pm. Volunteers may wish to assist one of our present catechists only or make themselves available on a casual basis – by helping out when a catechist is sick or going on holidays.

A Catholic with some spare time on their hands and who love working with children, might find this just for them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Catechist Co-ordinator if interested.

St Vincent de Paul Kensington Conference

Our Parish has an active St Vincent de Paul Conference with 6 members. The Conference meets regularly to pray, discuss and plan.

The Conference visits and assists people of any denomination in the Kensington parish area. The primary function of the Conference is to provide home visits to those in need. These visits can be for the purpose of assessing peoples’ material needs (such as for food vouchers, essential furniture items or essential whitegoods). Visits can also be made to people looking for company or needing other assistance.

The Conference relies upon donations to continue its good works in Kensington. The Conference makes an annual winter appeal for help and welcomes donations throughout the year (small or large).

Enquires to join the Kensington St Vincent de Paul Conference can be made through the Parish Secretary.

Enquiries for assistance from the Conference should be made to the regional support office in Kingsford, by calling 02 9662 7380.

Family Groups

Co-ordinator: Peter Bennett
Contact: 9697 0778 or

The Parish Family Movement was established by Fr Peter McGrath cp and has expanded to over 400 parishes worldwide in the last 40 years.

By joining a Parish Family Group you will experience acceptance, love, care and support from fellow parish members which brings alive the Gospel message “to love one another as I have loved you”.

The emphasis is on building relationships and supporting one another in times of joy, adversity and simply experiencing Christian life with others.

The Groups are an important function of the Church and offer new and existing parishioners a relaxed and social way to become part of the parish family.

The Kensington Parish Group meets monthly and activities include park picnics, sharing meals in homes and restaurants and other functions.

Membership is free and everyone is welcome.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is the advisory group on all matters financial, budgets and reports together with planning. The committee meet quarterly and have a term of service of three years.

Current members:

  • Fr Alo Lamere - Parish Priest
  • James Lynch
  • Tim Regan
  • Nani Widarto