News & Bulletin

Cana Communities

Volunteers and friends from Cana Communities will be with us this weekend seeking our help. Cana Communities provide family-type support for people from the streets. Cana Communities is one of the largest providers of crisis beds in the inner city. They will be holding an appeal at all Masses this weekend. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Even if you don’t donate, they would love to tell you about their community.

Church Christmas Decorating

Each Christmas we like to invite the children of Our Lady of the Rosary to help decorate our Church. Today we have handed out packs for the children who attend Kids Church. At the back of the Church there are more drawings that can be coloured in and the children are welcome to add stickers or shapes you may have at home. Once your child has finished their decoration, please leave it in the Christmas box at the back of the Church so we can hang it up for them.

Thank you for helping us prepare our Church for the arrival of the baby Jesus.

Blessings from the Kids Church Team xo

Christmas Giving Tree for St Vincent De Paul

Our Giving Tree has arrived in the Church this weekend. This year we are helping those in need at Christmas through St Vincent de Paul. Please take a tag from the tree and purchase a gift for someone who may receive nothing this year. The Vinnies team also encourage you to purchase a gift card instead of an actual gift – they are easier to transport and distribute. Gifts cards might be $10 or $20 or greater and from places like Kmart, Coles, Big W, Woolies etc. Please place your gift or gift card UNWRAPPED and in a gift bag under the tree. Please note that gifts should be for adults. There are spare empty gift bags under the tree if you don’t have one. Thank you for your generous support at this time of year. It is greatly appreciated.

Kids Christmas Carols

Advent has begun this weekend and we have begun rehearsing for our Kids Christmas Carols. This year we are performing two carols: Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night. Please encourage your children to practise at home. Word sheets are at the back of the Church if you need them. The children will be performing at the 6pm Christmas Eve Family Mass. We will also be performing a small enactment of the Christmas Story.