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Month of Prayer for Marriage & Families

Heavenly Father, Give us the graces of purity and chastity. Help us to guard our thoughts and desires from impurity. Give us the courage to cleanse our lives of all harmful images and influences. Help us to remember that all people are created in your image and likeness and have profound dignity. May we carefully respect the whole being of all those we encounter.

The Journey Catholic Radio – 28 Oct 2018

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Next week on The Journey, Fr Stephen Varney reflects on the Gospel of Mark, Pete Gilmore shares his vision on the “Greater Things than I am” in his Living the Gospel God Spot, and Marilyn Rodrigues reminds us that we all have “Daily Crosses to Bear” in her segment, The Peaceful Parent. Our uplifting music reminds us of the power of the spirit and the universal language of prayer in music. Go to or where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.

Michael Galovic – Iconographer Seminar

What do you know about the art of iconography? Have you ever prayed before an icon? Do you know why icons are ‘written’, not painted? The art of iconography has had an enormous influence on the culture and spirituality of the Church down through the ages. Far from being a long lost art, the practice of icon writing is alive and well today. Michael Galovic, Australia’s prolific iconographer will be visiting us to talk about this ancient art, show us examples of his work and discuss its rising popularity. You are invited to join us for this seminar held on level 5 of the Polding Centre that will be of creative, cultural and spiritual benefit. Please feel free to invite all those you think may be interested. RSVP is required to Details: Wednesday 31 October 3–5pm Level 5 breakout space. This event is being hosted by the Creative Team of the Evangelisation Project. Afternoon tea will be provided.

“Evangelical Poverty is a Call for Everyone”

When I was reading this weekend Gospel, I remembered a friend who came with the whole family to Sydney to attend the son’s graduation at UTS. After graduation I had a chance to meet them and took them around to see some exotic places in New South Wales and Canberra. Since they were very much involved in the parish where they come from, they would know about priests. One of the comments addressed to me was, oh so you are religious therefore you have the vow of poverty, meanwhile diocesan priests have no vow of poverty. I said yes and no. Yes, I took that vow but “evangelical poverty” is addressed to everyone not just religious.

That is precisely what Jesus said in the Gospel today. At the end of his conversation with a man (not with a religious), he said: “How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the Kingdom of God” (Mark 10:24). This doesn’t mean that people who have things are not worthy for the kingdom of God. What I explained to those friends of mine was that it is not about having things, but it is about allowing things to own us. And this message is to each one of us not just for those who pronounce their three religious vows publicly. Evangelical poverty frees us from “being owned” & “competing desire”: (Mat 4:20 – The disciples left everything). Mere things must not own us or block us from hearing divine call (Mat 19:16-30 – rich young man went away sad).

Evangelical poverty also helps me to have an attitude of solidarity. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said: “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty”. And solidarity is the way to remedy this poverty.

Invitation to All Musicians, Singers, Parishioners


Topics covered:
– The importance of Music in the Liturgy
– Practical Techniques to effect real change
– Ways to highlight the beauty of the liturgy
– Use of microphones/amplifiers

Workshop will be presented by Michael Paton.

About the Speaker – Michael Paton is a graduate of Composition and Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Having studied under the guidance of many acclaimed Australian composers, he has composed for the Chamber Opera and the Sydney Chamber Choir and has taught music education in several high schools.

Michael currently works as the Youth and Music Minister at the Parish of Our Lady of the Way in North Sydney, administering to over 100 musicians and has overseen the growth of weekly Catholic Youth Mass attendance from 150 to 500 people.