OLR School News – Stage 3B

This term in Stage 3B, students have been learning about the unit ‘Reign of God: Reaching out in Justice’. This unit’s main focus explores the Church’s mission to build a just world. It explores how Justice is an important element in bringing about the Reign of God.

Students have been exploring examples of injustice and how the Church continues the mission of Jesus by working for justice. In their exploration, students have looked at the life and teachings of Jesus to help them make decisions by understanding the role conscience in decision making, as it is part of their everyday reality.

Stage 3B have also been learning how the Catholic Church in Australia reaches out to people who struggle to live with dignity, both locally and globally. They have researched in groups about organisations and modern day prophets who have followed in the footsteps of Jesus’ mission and understand that they have been inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Students have concluded that in today’s time prophets are still needed to remind us of the truth, act justly and to love our neighbour. These prophets touch our hearts so that we can work in partnership with them to deepen our relationships with God. They have identified that like prophets, we are empowered and strengthened by the Holy Spirit to reach out in justice as we are called to be prophets for our times.

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