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Presenters: The Carmelite Team
Where: Mt Carmel Retreat Centre,
247 St Andrews Road, Varroville, NSW, 2566
When: December 5
Registration: 9.30am – 10am
Cost: $20
Phone: 02 8795 3400

Presenters: Carmelite Team
When: December 11-13
Cost: $220 (concessions apply)

Take time out from the busyness of the end of year & prepare for the coming of Christ.

“Jesus Christ, the King”

Christ the King

Before writing this reflection, I tried to recall my knowledge of the kings that I have known personally or from the news. One thing for sure is that all the kings are people who have “power” over their people. I have a story of being treated like a king. When I was the superior of the MSC in the Central Pacific, I happened to visit my confreres on an island. Since it was my first visit as a superior who is considered as a “high chief” I was treated like a king on that island. I had to have my meals first before the others even my own confreres. And each meal time there were at least two boys (teenagers) sitting on the mat waiting for me while I ate, just in case I needed something. I felt uneasy with the set up, so one day I asked the boys to join me at the same table for lunch. While we were eating, a priest knocking on the door, the boys jumped onto the floor with their food hidden under the table. They feared that they would be punished if they were caught having lunch with me.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, the King. Pope Francis in his homily on the Solemnity of Christ the King last year said: “Our Lord brought about His Kingdom through His closeness and tenderness, as the Shepherd of His flock. Pastors in the Church cannot stray from Christ’s example if they do not want to become “hirelings.” The People of God have an unerring sense for recognizing good shepherds and distinguishing them from hirelings…. Jesus’ Kingdom requires us to imitate Jesus’ works of mercy through which He brought about His Kingdom”.

If we accept Christ as our King then his kingship is not about “position” but “relationship”. Every king has “power”. Jesus also has a power which is different to the earthly kingdom’s powers. He has power to love and serve with a tender heart. Do you allow yourself to be powered by him and leading you to his kingdom? Are you willing to be part of his plan to Kingdom’s plan? Jesus keeps inviting us to work for his kingdom: “come to me all you are labored and over burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28).


Training Session for Readers Saturday November 28th 2-5pm, Rosary Room
Br Phillip Elwin will be conducting a training session for all those involved in reading at our Parish masses.

We hope all of our readers will attend as good readings are essential to enrich our liturgies.

For further info and RSVP, please call Cathy Shiner 0419 970 754.

If you are not yet a reader but are interested in becoming a reader at our Mass, please join us on the training session.

Healing Mass
Thursday 17 December: Healing Mass and Christmas Morning Tea 10:30am.


Mission and Outreach Group

Do you have a spare room for a refugee?
In line with this year’s message of Social Justice Sunday and the ever increasing number of people seeking refuge throughout the world, our Parish is asking if anyone in our community has a spare room that they would like to rent out to a refugee or perhaps you know someone who has a spare room who might be interested.

If you can help with this initiative please contact John Hill on 0411 315 533 or email him


Religious Education in 5 Maroon
At Our Lady of the Rosary, we are ‘People of the Heart’. We believe in the dignity of every human person, which means that we actively work towards building a just community, both local and global. Until we acknowledge that everyone is important, we have not achieved Jesus’ mission: ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’ (John 10:10).

In 5 Maroon this Term, we have been exploring the unit: 5.1 The Reign Of God: Reaching Out In Justice. As part of this unit we have been learning about Catholic Social Teaching and how Scripture can help us make decisions in our everyday lives. Year 5 have explored examples of injustice in our world and how the Church continues the mission of Jesus by working for justice. We are also learning how we too can reach out in justice.