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The Australian Catholic University is one of the sponsors of a two day conference to be held on 17-18 September at St Michael’s Uniting Church, Collins St, Melbourne to reflect on and respond to Pope Francis’ Pontificate. There is also a Youth Forum on 16 September at that Church and a Public Forum on Thursday night 17 September at Australian Catholic University. A discount and group registrations are available for parishes, schools and other groups. For more information refer to the attached flyer or visit and to register visit or Tel/Email contact: 02 9701 4176 /


The concert will feature the Scholars of St Mary’s Cathedral conducted by Oliver Brett. They are a small, elite group of thirteen singers, all of whom are former choristers. The first half will feature music from the English, Italian and Spanish Renaissance with music by Byrd, Tallis, Palestrina, Victoria and Cavalli. The second half will begin with French music by Fauré before the Scholars sing more modern numbers including ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and ‘What a wonderful world’, made famous by Louis Armstrong. The concert is to raise funds to buy the Scholars new cassocks. We hope that you will be able to support this concert and join us for what promises to be an evening of beautiful music sung by a talented group of boys. Venue: The Cathedral Crypt on Thursday, 10 September at 7.00pm.   Tickets $30 General Admittance or $10 for students/children available from or at the door.

“Separation – Shocked – Welcomed – Integrated” (101st Anniversary of World Day of Migrant and Refugees)

This weekend we celebrate the 101st Anniversary of World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Here in Australia and even more so in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kensington, we could say that most of us either came here or are descendants of those who settled here as migrants or refugees.

For many decades, many have migrated from Europe to Australia in search of a better life for themselves or their families. In most cases, it was the men that came first to find work in anticipation of being joined later by their family. These men would have experienced a sense of “separation” from their families for a few months or even years. Australia has since developed into a prosperous country and this continues to attract many people here. In the last twenty years, many Asians, Africans, Latin Americans, and Pacific Islanders have come here for tertiary studies since the major Australian Universities and Tertiary Institutes offer world renowned qualifications. Increasing political instability and uprising in different parts of the globe continue to threaten the lives of many people, who then go in search of somewhere safe where they raise their family. Some of them have settled over the years in Australia as refugees. These people/families are no different from Mary and Joseph, who take the infant Jesus and flee their home town of Bethlehem for Egypt (Matt 2:13). Settling in a new place is never easy because of cultural differences. There is always an element of “culture shock” because of unfamiliar food, weather, lifestyle and societal values and norms. A Filipino friend of mine related how he had to do house work here; something he never did in the Philippines and also of having to settle a big fine for traffic violation, that in some Asian countries would have been sorted out with a small bribe. Over the years many people have experienced a great hospitality from Australian society especially in communities like our parish. These people have been made to feel “welcomed” and this is only possible through the generosity and hospitality of others. When we are able to welcome and help make migrant and refugee families feel at home here in Australia, we can be proud of ourselves and our country.

Pope Francis reminds us that: “The Church without frontiers, Mother to all, spreads throughout the world a culture of acceptance and solidarity, in which no one is seen as useless, out of place or disposable. When living out this motherhood effectively, the Christian community nourishes, guides and indicates the way, accompanying all with patience, and drawing close to them through prayer and works of mercy”.

Feeling welcomed is very important as it helps “integrate” people into Australian society. All of us are part of this process. We are not only responsible for developing and maintaining this country, but as Christians, we are also reminded to be hospitable and generous. The Prophet Jeremiah in his address to the people of Israel who were in exile in Babylon reminded them not to be rebellion that would make things worse, instead to integrate themselves and to live peacefully with Babylonians (Jeremiah 29:1-9).



Volunteers and friends from Cana Communities will be with us next weekend seeking our help. Cana Communities provide family-type support for people from the streets. Cana Communities is one of the largest providers of crisis beds in the inner city. They will be holding an appeal at our Parish Masses next weekend. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Even if you don’t donate, they would love to tell you about their community.


A big thank you to everyone who participated in and supported our first Youth Mass. From the Youth band to the readers and to parishioners for the phenomenal attendance we had on the night.

Youth activities and pizza followed in the hall and were well attended by students from yrs 7-12! Thank you to the Youth team who helped facilitate the games and the members of the Youth band who were jamming during the pizza and activities!

NEXT YOUTH MASS – SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 6PM……stay tuned for details!


Our next Youth band practice will be on Saturday 5 September 2015, 3-5pm in the Church. Please join us if you play an instrument or sing. All very welcome!  Please contact Snez for more information on 0434 620 346.


A weekend Silent Retreat at Hartzer Park, Bowral : 9th October (6pm) to 11th October (3pm). Come and experience through the external silence how God wants to satisfy our deep longing, through the Word of God. There will be guided talks, time for personal reflection and opportunities for spiritual guidance from the missionaries. Cost $220. Please contact Verbum Dei Missionaries (02) 9313 7099 or email if you are interested.