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Wednesday 1st July 2015 at 7.30pm at the Paddington RSL, 220-232 Oxford Street Paddington – “Creating Life – choices and implications?”
Come, share a drink and engage in some stimulating conversation at SIP with JOHN PASCOE & JANE JEFFES as our speakers help us explore some of the issues associated with surrogacy, IVF and other related subjects where the spiritual, religious and bio-ethical issues are complex and often controversial.


The following items of furniture are urgently needed by St Vincent de Paul:

  • Wardrobes
  • Chest of Drawers
  • 2 Seater Lounges

If these item/s are no longer needed, and are in good condition, please phone Vinnies Furniture Collection 9350 9600.


18 June | Received into the Catholic Church
Evie Bayot
18 June | Sacrament of First Reconciliation
Evie Bayot
Bert Cottell
Samara Cottell
Jack Smith
Clara Jean Walters


Cleaner (Holiday Reliever), some experience and knowledge of colour coding, chemical hazards preferred.
Hours of work, 2 days a week Monday and Tuesday 6.00am- 11.30am. Please contact Charlotte (Domestic Supervisor)
St Joseph’s Aged Care Facility Kensington (9663 4077).

“Let the Seeds Grow” (Mark 4:26-34)

During my recent holiday I had a great opportunity to visit Montenegro. I didn’t have any knowledge of this country before my visit however, when I was there I was able to hear many stories of the beautiful country. Before becoming an independent country in the last few years, it was part of Yugoslavia and later it was part of Serbia when Yugoslavia disappeared from its existence. I stayed in a boutique hotel which is an old building among the buildings of the town of Kotor that was built around the tenth century. This is one of the world’s heritage protected by UNESCO. I was fortunate to have a chat with various people in the town of Kotor as well as in Tivat. You can tell that people are friendly, hospitable and are grateful for becoming independent from Yugoslavia as well as Serbia. There are various reasons to be grateful. One of the reasons is that they could develop what they have now which was not a concern of the former governments. The “seed of opportunity of becoming a world tourist destination is now growing”. They said that in the past this place was rarely visited by tourists. As you may know that apart from the old town that becomes a world heritage, the landscape of Montenegro also has many beautiful sides which are worth a to visit.

The story above is my story. You may have your own story which could be related to the Gospel of today. Once again Jesus was teaching his audience about the Kingdom of God. Jesus has so many ways in describing the Kingdom of God. One of them is described as “mustard seeds”. What can mustard seeds teach us about the Kingdom of God? The mustard seed is tiny and yet could grow to become a tree that produces fruits that would attract many birds to come. In order to become a producing tree, the land should be cultivated well before the seeds are planted, and when they grow, they have to be given good manure and be pruned. Mainly they have to be looked after with great appreciation. My story above was one of the ways people in Montenegro see the seed of their country that should be planted and looked after with grateful hearts.

Each one of us can become a seed of the Kingdom as well as the soil that the seed would be planted. It is a blessing if we could identify our own seeds within us and be grateful for being blessed to have them. The next step is to cultivate the land of our heart, family and community that the seeds may grow. The Kingdom of God is not something that could be imagined theoretically. The Kingdom of God is here and now. I have been in this parish for more than two years. I have identified several seeds of this community. They are hospitality, generosity, spirit of family, well learned and qualified people, etc. (you may add to the list). The further question is what can we do to make those seeds grow and bear fruits? Please continue this reflection in your own practical way that suits you and let the Holy Spirit guide you along the way in developing the seeds.


The Marriage Mass and Renewal of Vows will take place on Sunday, 12th July at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, at 10.30 am. All married couples are welcome. Mass will be celebrated by the Most Reverend Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Married couples wishing to attend to renew their vows should register with the Life, Marriage and Family Centre on 9307 8404 or Registered couples celebrating 50th, 55th, 60th, or 65th wedding anniversaries will also receive a special certificate from Archbishop Fisher.


Fr Adrian Meaney msc extends his sincere thanks for your most generous donations. A total of $5,177.85 was donated by Kensington Parishioners to be used on clean water projects across the Pacific, Asia and Africa.