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Presenter: Fr Paul Maunder, OCD. Where: Mt Carmel Retreat Centre, 247 St Andrews Road, Varroville.  When: August 28 – 30.  Cost: $220 (concessions apply).  Phone: 02 8795 3400, Email: or

All is Grace: spiritual guidance in prayer, holiness and mission from the writings of St Therese of Lisieux.


Men seeking an insight into seminary life and the vocation to the priesthood are invited to this event at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd. The program includes Sunday Mass, brunch, a talk and a guided tour as well as time to chat with seminarians. Details: 9.00am – 2.30pm, Seminary of the Good Shepherd: 50-58 Abbotsford Rd Homebush. Cost: Free, but registration essential. Enquiries/registration: or 9307-8424.

Sharing from the Less (John 6:1-15)

Speaking about multiplication of five loaves and two fish, I recall the experience of feeding people who came to attend a house warming/blessing. The owner of the house expected to have about a hundred guests. The meal was prepared for this number of people. To their surprise the guests who turned up were about six hundred. It was not easy to provide more food for the extra five hundred people in the very short time. At the other hand they couldn’t just ask those people to go home after Mass. It would be a big shame for the family if they turned the guests away. At this point I recall the words of Jesus towards his disciples when the crowd came to see him: “They have no need to go. Give them something to eat yourselves” (Matt 14:16). The same story is recorded by John in his gospel today. It was a surprise also that some relatives of the family who hosted the house warming had some relatives who came with a huge number of fish and a wild pig. They said to me: “Some people just arrived with fish and a pig, but we need enough time to cook them. Can you say a long homily so that we may have enough time to provide the food?” I nodded with a big smile.

Some people think that they may share when they have enough things. However, things might not be enough at all for there is a human tendency to have more and more. This is not about “having” but “sharing”. If we wait to have enough, we may end up with no way to share. If it is about sharing, then we can share from the less we have. And feeding the crowd was not the way of showing Jesus’ power and majesty. It was about his concern for those who were hungry and thirsty. Through this miraculous action he would like to lead them to the deeper understanding of “food for life”. Father Michael Fallon MSC says: “In the Gospel story to which we have just listened, Jesus miraculously feeds a large crowd with just five loaves and two fish. People eat as much as they want, and the twelve apostles end up a basketful each of leftovers, so that they can go on feeding the hungry just as Jesus has done. It is not easy to know what to make of such a story. If it is as easy for God to feed the hungry as that, we can be excused for wondering why so many millions of men, women and children are dying of hunger. What is the message John is trying to get across in this extraordinary scene? In every part of today’s liturgy, we find quite beautiful statements about God’s care, yet when we look at the world scene, and even at our own lives and the lives of those to whom we are close, there is so much starvation around – people starving for food, starving for meaning, starving for love. This is so prevalent that some are even driven to doubt the very existence of God”. (Extracted from the homily on Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time).

This weekend we are asked again to give from the less we have. St Vincent de Paul Society would like to knock on your heart to give to the poor. Please don’t turn them away like the disciples, but accept them like Jesus did and give them a way of “feeding” unfortunate people. Whatever you give from the bottom of your heart, it will give life to others.

Youth Mass

We are not just the future of the Church – We are the present | Sunday 16 August 2015 6pm, followed by pizza and games night in the hall afterwards.


The Annual St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal will take place at all Masses this weekend.

This year’s Appeal will be in the form of a short, silent DVD, which demonstrates how early intervention by Vinnies can prevent family breakdown.

Your continued generosity to the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal is greatly appreciated. Envelopes will be on the pews and donations are tax deductible.


A Parishioner who is now unable to drive, requires transport to and from Sunday morning Mass. If you can assist, please contact Maria at the Parish Office on 9663 1070.

Charitable Works Fund Appeal (CWF)

The appeal will be held next weekend, 1/2 August 2015. Donations to this appeal from our parishioners are crucial in assisting the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney with its charitable and pastoral works, and we ask you to support it generously. Thank you.


An all-night Vigil for Marriage will take place in St Mary’s Cathedral from 6pm Friday 7 August, until 6 am Saturday 8 August. All are warmly invited to pray in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament for the upholding of the true meaning of marriage in Australia and the protection of all marriages. To register and sign up for a half-hour, hour or whatever time that you might be able to spend, please go to, telephone 9307 8403 or email