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Chanel College 60th Anniversary Reunion

Chanel College 60th Anniversary Reunion for students of THE MARIST FATHER ERA [1958-1970]. For details send your email to address OR your postal details to PO Box 3069 Geelong West 3218.


The first reading and the Gospel are usually connected in theme. This weekend is no exception. Both talk about leprosy and those who are contracted with it.

According to HarperCollins Bible Dictionary and some scripture scholars I have come across, it is unclear what leprosy really is but it is certainly not modern leprosy (Hansen’s disease). This information can help us reread the readings this weekend in broader terms. Leprosy can be interpreted as any kind of physical disorder that makes people excluded or left out in many ways, not only physically but also socially. The person, as mentioned in the first reading from the book of Leviticus, who is leprous must be declared “unclean”. Uncleanliness in this context is not only about hygiene but also and moreover about ritual and social state: being outcasts in the community and society.

The only barrier between healing and the leper in the Gospel story is Jesus’ willingness. The only barrier between inclusivity and those who are left out, looked down, discriminated against in community and society is our willingness to make a change. We may not be able to “cure” diseases or disorders people have like Jesus was able according to the Gospel story, but we are capable of “healing” the social judgements and discriminations against those who are different from the majority. The outcasts are also human beings; but they are different to us, so different that we can’t accept them in our midst. Unless we can see that at times in our life we have been also outcasts, unless we can see that within ourselves we have some parts of us as strangers, we will never be able to have a genuine compassion for those who are strangers in our midst.

Br Khoi Nguyen msc

Easter Choir

Music Rehearsals for the Easter Masses – 7.30pm Tuesday nights starting 20th Feb 2018. For further details contact: Johanes 0431 019 146.

Urgent Request

Are you looking for something different to do this year? Do you have a spare half an hour on Wednesday afternoons during school terms? Do you have a love of children? Would you be interested in sharing our Catholic faith? Then we need you as a catechist!

For more information please speak to us after mass this Sunday morning. We will have a display of the resources that are provided for you in the foyer of the church after mass or please feel free to ring Toni McGuinness on 9669 5884 or 0408 166 221.

Angklung Group – Kensington

An Angklung Group has started up in Kensington to learn how to play/shake the Angklung, the traditional bamboo musical instrument from West Java Indonesia. Lessons are provided by Winda Indriawati every Thursday in the Parish Hall from 7-9pm. All are welcomed to join.

– Angklung is easy to play
– Everyone can play angklung (no music experience needed)
– Enhance memory and concentration
– Exercise patience
– Angklung has philosophical values such as team work and discipline

For more information about this group please contact: Lucywati @ 0414 895 884.

Let’s play angkung – to stay Happy, Healthy, Merry and Friendly.

The Bishop’s Blend

Looking to network with other young Catholic professionals and learn how to live your faith in the workplace? Then join the Most Reverend Bishop Richard Umbers, Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney on Tuesday, 27th February 2018 at 7:00am at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney for The Bishop’s Blend, a quarterly breakfast series for young professionals. Online booking is essential. For more information and to purchase tickets go to or contact us at