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The Journey Catholic Radio – 12 August 2018

Just a reminder that all Journey Catholic Radio information is always a week in advance.

Next week on The Journey, we have invited the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle to share with us their reflection from the Gospel of John. Trish McCarthy joins us in her Milk &Honey segment and reminds us that Life is Fragile, and Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy talks to us about Trusting is a Better Life. Christian Music is an integral part of our show and together with our God Spots, this is the Journey Catholic Radio, where faith, hope, love and life come together. Go to or where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.


Our Scarcity and God’s Abundance

I was born and grew up in the post-war time when Vietnam was recovering from many wars in previous decades. Economic system of the communist government imposed on the whole country was obviously not efficient and sufficient to boost the country out of poverty and the lives of many people were in desperation.

My family, fortunately, was not desperate but merely average. We, my siblings and I, were taught very strictly to save and not to spend, just in case something might happen unexpectedly. That “saving” mentality sticks with me and at times manifests itself in “scarcity” mentality – it might not be enough, I often think.

I think not only those who grow up in financially tough circumstances might have that scarcity mentality. I have spoken to many people who were born rich, more than sufficiently provided materially, but still have doubt that life is not enough.

I think the mentality of scarcity is common with human condition because we are limited but our desires can grow into impossible, selfish ambitions.

The readings this weekend challenge our normal thinking that life is not enough for us, everything is not going to be enough. In the first reading, Elisha’s servant asked: How can twenty barley loaves can be enough for a hundred men? But eventually they ate and even had some over.

Similarly, in the Gospel, Phillip and Andrew struggled with scarcity of food for the large crowd following Jesus. Two hundred denarii were not enough to give each a small piece. Two hundred denarii, back in that time, was like a whole year wage of a hard-working worker. Two fish and five loaves were as nothing to five thousand men (let alone probably ten thousand women that were not mentioned!). Eventually, Jesus fed them all and twelve harpers full of scraps left over from the five barley loaves were collected.

The point of the two readings is to remind us that our God is a God of abundance, an abundant provider who gives us enough and even overflowing. God is not a God of scarcity that we might have imagined ourselves.

On Wednesday evening, I was watching the news about the terrible bushfire happening in Greece which have caused more than eighty people’s deaths. This woman was being interviewed in the middle of the rubbles of her house; and she said to the interviewer that she was very grateful that she was still alive with her son. That was enough for her despite the loss of her house and everything she had.

How often do we feel that our life is enough, whatever we have and wherever we are? Only when we feel and experience the “enough-ness”, the fullness of the life God has graciously given us, we can really follow what St Paul says in the second reading: “Bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience.”

Br Khoi msc

Rosary in the Rosary Room

Join us on Saturday 4th August at 3pm in the Rosary Room for the Rosary followed by afternoon tea. Children welcome.

Invitation from MSC Mission Office

Meeting of people interested in missionary, evangelical, and social activities is being held on Saturday August 4th 2018 at the Sacred Heart Monastery – 1 Roma Ave, Kensington, 2033 at 10.30am. We are open to all ideas – please stay for meal. All welcome. Phone 9697 0983 call for more information email: Fr A F Meaney msc.

CWF Appeal – 4/5 August 2018

Next weekend is a great opportunity for you to help out your parish in a meaningful way by supporting one of its charitable appeals. The Charitable Works Fund (CWF) is the premier charity of the Sydney Archdiocese, covering social and pastoral services, education and training, and advocacy services to all sections of your community – regardless of race, religion or social status. Your gift will help someone in your community who could use a helping hand or be given better opportunities, so please give generously. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, thank you.

Spirituality in the Pub (SIP) Paddington

Wednesday 1st August 2018 – 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Topic: “Shifting the Focus – Moral Education and Critical Thinking in the Digital Age” To navigate and thrive in this new world requires us to … examine our choices and make better ones. To draw boundaries and set goals…. to connect with others, to make a difference …” (Jessica Irvine SMH 20/11/17). Come, share a drink and engage in some stimulating conversation at SIP with EMILY SCANLAN, LOUISA SONDERGELD and CHRIS KITCHINGMAN. Moderator: Susan Eichorn. Venue: The Paddington RSL 220-232 Oxford Street Paddington opposite the Paddington Town Hall.