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Parish Magazine

We are still looking for a couple of people to use their ‘Talents’ and help our Magazine. Specifically we need someone to sell advertising to a couple of local businesses (it will not be a hard sell – and there are some Parishioners who already want to advertise).

We also need someone who has appropriate computer software to scan and edit pictures or photos. Please email Maria on if you can help in either of these areas or see Jane after Mass on Sunday morning.

Christmas Decorations for our church

All Parish children are invited to take a Christmas picture home, along with some sequins and stickers. There is a box located in the foyer of the Church. Please colour in and decorate your decoration, cut it out and return in to the box when you are finished.

We will still have a 9.30am Parish Mass on Sunday 24th December. After Mass we will be having a ‘Decorating Day’ so the Church is ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Please only take one decoration and set of sequins at a time. If you finish one, you are more than welcome to return it, and take another. Happy colouring!

Christmas Choir Rehearsals

Music Rehearsals for the Christmas Masses will be held in the music area of the Church at 7pm on the following days:

Nov 28 | Dec 5, 12 & 19

Annual Catholic Mission Appeal

In Bujuni, a remote parish deep in the heart of Uganda, bringing life into the world is often fraught with danger. Many women take great risks to get to the nearest affordable maternity ward at St Luke Bujuni Health Centre.

Despite the tireless work of Sister Mary Goretti and her small staff, the health centre does not have the capacity to deal with the influx of high-risk pregnancies amongst the many expectant mothers. Sadly, the potential consequences can be tragic. With your support through Catholic Mission, Sister Goretti is hoping to expand St Luke’s and provide essential services for women and children.

Please give generously to support women and children’s health through Jesus’ life-giving mission today.

Being Fruitful

The Gospel of this weekend reminds me of my primary school class mate. After finishing primary school both of us wanted to further our education, I was going to the minor seminary and he was planning to go to a technical school in the same town. I didn’t know, but he ended up living in the village and didn’t further his education as planned. I never asked why he didn’t pursuing his further studies.

Last year when I was visiting my parents in the village, I witnessed what a fine builder (building houses) he had become. He was also good at making furniture, all with no formal training. He told me that all these skills he received from his father. However, his father was not trained as a builder nor a furniture maker. One day when this friend of mine was only sixteen, his father asked him to make a set of dining chairs and table. While working, the father watched him. After making a couple of chairs, the father said: “from now on you will continue this business”. The same thing happened with training him to building a house when he was eighteen.

My friend became a fine builder and furniture maker because he recognized his special gift. He actively watched his father work and learned how to do it by himself. He has developed this ability that makes his life fruitful.

This weekend’s gospel is about recognizing God’s gift and how we cultivate them to be fruitful. 1) God gives each person different gifts for his or her intended uses. Everything is a gift, and everything is meant to be given back in service of love for the Lord. We are only asked to make full use of what we have been uniquely given and to use our talents for the benefit of the community as a whole. (2) The better our work the greater our responsibility. God gives more responsibilities to those who make the best use of their God-given talents. (3) The lazy and the unproductive will be punished. It means that when we do not develop our gifts, they will disappear. In that way we could say that we punish ourselves by our way of living. (4) Those who have, they will be given more. Which means that those who are willing to develop their gifts, will receive much more opportunities and new learning will come up.