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OLR School News

Religious Education in Kindergarten M
In Kindergarten this Term, we have been exploring the unit K6: God is with Us. This unit introduces children to three figures in the Old Testament: Moses, David and Jonah. The stories told in this unit highlight the love and faithfulness of God. God is with the weak and vulnerable, and even raises them to important places. God’s love and graciousness is for all people. It is universal.

Later in the term, the students will be completing the unit K.8: Advent and Christmas. This unit focuses on the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Advent is introduced as a time of preparation that points us towards Jesus. The Christmas story is told through the stories of the Annunciation, the birth of Jesus, and the visit of the shepherds. In engaging with aspects of the story, students are presented with the Good News that Jesus is the promised Saviour, the gift of God.

The Journey Catholic Radio Program – 11 Nov 2018

Next week on The Journey, Fr Graham Schmitzer reflects on the Gospel of Mark, Sr Hilda Scott shares her Wisdom from the Abbey, Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy, shares his piece on ‘The Journey of Conversation’, and Francine Pirola gets us thinking In her God spot, ‘When Desires Don’t Match’. Our music reflects our passion and drive for the Journey Catholic Radio program, where faith hope, love and life come together. Go to or where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.

One Body, One Lord

This Sunday and the following Sunday our children are joining us at the table of the Lord for the first time. They will receive their First Holy Communion. It is a great moment of sharing our communion with God and with one another.

While writing this reflection, I am inspired by the first reading of daily mass of Friday 26th October 2018. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians mentions about the differences as a fact of our life. However, the important thing is not about the differences, but how to see beyond the differences. And it was very clear that beyond the differences there is one body, one Lord, one faith and one baptism (Eph 4:1-6). These are things that unite us.

The gospel reading of this weekend, informing us of a blind man who desired to see again. When Jesus asked what he wants, he made it clear: “Master, let me see again”. I suppose that Jesus was showing his compassion towards Bartimaeus based on his own feeling of being part of Bartimaeus’ journey of life. Jesus’ compassion shows that he is suffering with Bartimaeus. Every time I hear a parishioner is sick, I can’t help but feel like I’m a part of that person’s journey. It is disturbing and unpleasant but I thank God for that kind of feeling, because I feel like I am being united with that person. I cannot do anything about it except finding my time to visit and put that person’s name on my list for prayer.

I hope that the moment of celebration of the First Holy Communion would be a time to celebrate our communion with God and to one another not just “liturgically” but also in our daily living. Last Sunday in my homily when I shared about “clericalism” and read the letter of apology from my provincial, some of you might have seen that I was moved, saddened and in tears. After mass, some parishioners approached me and showed their love, caring and support. I experienced huge amounts of support from you. In my sharing with our MSC Community last week, I said: “In the middle of our brokenness and failures, there is enormous amount of support of our people who love us”. This is another way of sharing our communion with the suffering members and suffering Lord. Once again thanks for being so supportive. When we are united, we will be strong.

Book of Remembrance

The Month of November is a time of special remembrance of those who have died.

We invite you to write in our Book of Remembrance the names of your deceased family and friends that your wish to remember. We will prayer for them during the month of November.

Offerings can be dropped off at the Parish Office, given to Fr Alo or to Fr Khoi.

Rosary in the Rosary Room

Join us on Saturday 3rd November at 3pm in the Rosary Room for the Rosary followed by afternoon tea. Children welcome.

OLR School Fete – A Fun Day out for the whole family – Sat 10 Nov

Our Lady Of The Rosary school is hosting a family fun day on Saturday, 10 November from 3pm to 7pm. The event is open to the whole community and we hope to see many of our parishioners come along to support the school.

The afternoon will offer something for everyone:
lots of fun rides for all ages
exciting games and activities
tasty food stalls
coffee and ice cream carts
entertainment, and
amazing prize draws to be won!

We hope to see you all there.

Eucharistic Ministers

We are in need of extra people to take Communion to the Sick in their homes. It involves no more than one hour a month, following the 9:30am Mass.

For those who have completed the Eucharistic Minister training please give some consideration to this very important Parish Ministry. Contact Maria: 9663 1070.