Getting Married

By choosing to celebrate your marriage in the Church, you are acknowledging the importance of your faith and giving your commitment to each other in this Holy Sacrament.

It is thus a time of rejoicing!

To Book the Church

All bookings must be made through the Parish Office or by completing a “Booking a Wedding” form. At Kensington Parish we prefer weddings to take place on Saturdays.

With respect to religious services at Our Lady of the Rosary Church there is no prescribed fee but, it is customary that an offering is made and this would be appreciated. As a guide it is suggested that the offering on the occasion of a religious service such as a wedding would be $250. In accordance with the legislation and ATO rulings, there is no GST payable for a religious service. If a booking is cancelled the donation is non-redeemable. Generally a stipend of $150 is also given to the Celebrant.

Your Celebrant

If one of you is from OLR Parish –

  • you might like to ask Fr Aloysius Lamere msc to officiate at your wedding; or
  • you may know of a priest who you would like to ask to officiate for you.

If you are not from OLR Parish, please discuss your circumstances with Fr Lamere.


You need to provide:

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE – either an extract of Birth Certificate or a current Passport;
  • BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE – a recent copy (not more than six months old) is required.  If you were baptised at Kensington you do not need to provide such a copy.
  • The Government form ‘NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE’ must be completed more than one month before the wedding and inside three months, so this means there must be at least one month’s notice of your marriage, six or more is more normal.

Marriage Preparation Courses

Participation in a Marriage Preparation Course is required for those wishing to get married in the Catholic Church. A certificate is provided on completion and a copy should be issued to the Priest officiating at the Marriage.

Programs are offered by:

  • CatholicCare, website:
  • SmartLoving, website:
  • Catholic Engaged Encounter, website:

Your Ceremony

The Priest will assist in the planning of your Wedding Ceremony or Nuptial Mass. It is important for you to have a PRACTICE FOR YOUR WEDDING. This is best done in the week before the wedding. Please book the Church through the Parish Office.

Preparation of the Church

Flowers: Each couple provides their own flowers. The most convenient way for your flowers to be placed in the Church is for them to come already arranged in oases (foam bases) from the florist. There are stands available in the sacristy. Flowers should be delivered to the church on the Saturday morning between 8.30 and 9.30am.

Pew Bows: If you require these, you need to provide your own and remove them after the ceremony.